Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

X-Stitch Infinity Scarf

I Love This Yarn (1 Scane) 
J Hook 
Tapestry Needle
Stitches Used: 
FHDC (Foundation Half Double Crochet) 
Let’s Begin!
Row 1: Leave a few inches of yarn before you start. 219 FHDC. Join the chain together with slip stitch. Make sure that the chain is not twisted when you are joining. It will look like there’s a little gap, but you will fix that at the end.
Row 2-10: Ch 3. This will be considered a DC. Skip the next stitch and DC into the following st. Now, you’re going to DC into the skipped st. This creates an X shape and is the X Stitch. Skip next st, DC into following stitch. DC into skipped stitch. Continue around. At the end of the row, slip st into the Ch3.
Row 11: Ch 2 (first hdc) HDC around, join. Cut and fasten off. 
Weave in your ends. Those few inches that you left in the beginning will join the FHDC that you started with.
PLEASE…if this doesn’t make any sense, contact me! I need to know when things don’t work out okay! Thanks!